Is your business spending more on technology this year? Global IT spend is up up up – and here’s why


Businesses are spending more on IT this year, is yours?

Prices are shooting up everywhere right now. Yet businesses will spend more on technology this year than ever before. Globally, IT spend is up to £3.3 trillion this year.

Business owners and managers are investing in technology to stay ahead. Here’s what they are spending it on.

Any business owner or manager knows the importance of IT. Your business couldn’t function without it!

Your IT isn’t just about computers and data; everything from your phone system, to printers, and the location where you store all those important documents are part of what makes up “business” in this day and age.

With cyber-threats looming larger than ever, it’s crucial to stay ahead with the changes in technology.

Gartner, an IT research and consultancy firm, have predicted businesses will spend even more on their technology this year – and given the measures needed to protect your data and keep your infrastructure safe from cyber criminals, we aren’t at all surprised by these findings.

The global IT spend could reach an enormous £3.3 trillion. And that’s despite rising inflation, the Russian invasion and shortages in both chips and skilled IT talent.

Businesses are demonstrating a fundamental shift in the way they view their technology.

As the pandemic hit (was that really only 2 years ago?) companies were forced to take unexpected and urgent action to support employees in working from home. In many cases this meant a large investment in devices, system upgrades and the adoption of new technology.  In many cases, the consequence of the pandemic has resulted in permanent change. This swift, and intended to be temporary adaptation to hybrid and remote working has been become a lasting solution.

The pandemic has highlighted to business leaders the need for resilience and for a prepared and quick response to any future potential disruptions. A flexible and agile business can – and will survive.

The days of seeing IT as an unnecessary expense are over. It has been embraced as an investment. There is a direct correlation between a robust, safe and flexible system, and a teams’ productivity.

Owners and managers are also placing more value on excellent, proactive technology support from a trusted IT partner.

A great IT partner will plan and execute big development projects. But crucially, they will help day to day, reducing downtime and ensure systems are secure and running as they should be.

If you’re reviewing your spend on technology and support, we can help. Get in touch.

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