Insert ‘live’ Excel data into Word


Use “live’ Excel data in your Word documents following these five simple steps.

Did you know you can insert ‘live’ data from Excel into a Word document?

Find out how below.

Following these five simple steps will enable you to insert live Excel data into Word.

  1. Whilst in Excel, select your data then go to ‘Insert’.

  2. ‘Recommended Charts’ will try to suggest the best chart type for the data selected. Select the chart style that you wish to use and adjust the formatting as you wish.

  3. Once you are happy with the formatting of the chart, right-click the chart and select ‘Copy’.

  4. Open the Word document that you wish to contain this chart. Now simply paste your chart and adjust appropriately.

  5. As a top tip, have a look side-by-side, make alterations in the selected Excel data and see that changes are updated in real time.

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