Make everything symmetrical in Powerpoint


Make your Powerpoint, cleaner, sleeker and more professional using the ‘Align’ tools in Powerpoint.

Are you making a Powerpoint presentation and need it to look neat quickly?

Easily Done! Follow along through this simple tutorial or follow the steps below.

You have designed and created your Powerpoint presentation but are not happy with how it looks. Making the Powerpoint symmetrical will instantly improve the aesthetics of the Powerpoint. Follow the steps below to quickly symmetrize your Powerpoint.

  1. Select all your content.

  2. Go to ‘Shape Format’ then the ‘Align’ button.

  3. Try ‘Distribute Horizontally’.

  4. And then one of the ‘Align’ options.

And just like that in those 4 quick and easy steps, you look like a Powerpoint guru and your Powerpoint looks cleaner, sleeker, and more professional.

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