Remove the background from your images quickly


Remove the background of images in your PowerPoint presentation.

Wanting to insert an image into PowerPoint but the background hasn’t been removed?

Find out how to remove the background quickly below.

The following steps will guide you through removing the background from any image you want to use in your PowerPoint presentation.

  1. To find your picture, go to ‘Insert’.

  2. Then hover over ‘Pictures”‘ and select ‘Insert Picture From This Device’.

  3. Locate and select the picture you are wanting to insert.

  4. Once the picture has been inserted, make sure you are on the ‘Picture Format tab.

  5. Then select ‘Remove Background’.

  6. PowerPoint will then mark its best guess in pink.

  7. With ‘Mark Areas to Keep’ selected, draw lines on areas that shouldn’t be selected.

  8. Then switch to ‘Mark Areas to Remove’ and draw lines on areas that should be selected to remove.

  9. Now just hit ‘Keep Changes’.

Have fun finishing off the remainder of your awesome presentation.

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