Send The Fonts Used In Your Documents


Embed your fonts to enable your document to be viewed as it was designed.

Are you sending a well-designed document and wanting it to be viewed correctly?

Follow along through this simple tutorial of embedding the fonts used in your documents.

You have created this well-designed document that looks professional and sleek. You are sending it to someone and want it to be viewed as it has been designed. Unless the recipient has the same fonts installed on their device they could end up seeing the document completely differently. Following the simple steps below will overcome this issue and allow the document to be viewed as it has been designed.

  1. Go to ‘File’ & ‘Options’

  2. Then go to ‘Save’

  3. And just tick ‘Embed fonts in the file’

And just like that the document can be viewed anywhere by anyone who has access to it exactly as it was designed to look.

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