Some employees won’t stop using apps that could be a security risk

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Your staff care about your business’s cyber security - but not all employees think the same. In fact, over half are using software that has been banned by their IT department. Here’s why

Chances are a lot of the applications and software tools you are using now are different from those that your business used before the pandemic.

That’s because we have all had to make huge adjustments to the way we communicate and collaborate.

To begin with, right back in quarter one of 2020, it may have been very hit and miss with employees using whatever tools they had available to them for the first few weeks and months of the pandemic.

Now that we have all settled into new permanent ways of working, we are able to pick the software tools that best suit our businesses.

Unfortunately, your selection of software tools to be used within the company might not please all employees and some of them may continue to use the ones that they have become accustomed to and prefer, despite the security risk that comes with that.

A recent survey found a colossal 92% of employees want more control over the software, collaboration tools and applications they use. A staggering 51% continue to use the apps that have been banned by their IT departments.

This is putting business owners in a difficult position.

You may be thinking you can just block apps and software that you do not want employees using and you are right but this may leave employees feeling untrusted. It can really have a negative impact on your business with employees feeling frustrated and having a lack of motivation.

Ignoring the issue on the other hand can be just as bad. Unvetted applications can be a big security risk, leaving your data open to theft and your systems vulnerable to malware.

So, what is the answer?

We would always suggest having open conversations with your people and listening to what they have to say. It s a good idea to invite feedback on the software you want to use. After all, your people are the ones using it on a daily basis.

Take their suggestions on alternatives on board, and if the consensus is you are using the wrong solutions, commit to looking into their viability.

It’s also a very good idea to make sure your people are fully aware of the risks that come with using unapproved apps, and the devastating and costly impact that can have on the business.

Even in situations where your team are all sticking to approved applications, it is a smart move to keep them educated on the latest cyber security initiatives.

We can help you find the most suitable communication and productivity tools for your business. Get in touch.

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