Spam is costing your business hundreds of hours every year


Spam emails could be costing your business a LOT of time. We mean hundreds of hours each year without you actually knowing about it. Not only is this affecting productivity it is also increasing the risk of malware and data breach. Find out how to change this now.

Spam emails ….. everyone hates them.

Not only do they inflict emotional pain, clearing spam from your inbox is also a real productivity killer!

A recent report found that filtering and deleting spam emails cost each employee up to 80 hours each year. That is 2 weeks worth of work lost per employee!

That is a LOT of lost productivity!

Between 45% and 85% of emails generated each day are spam emails. Worryingly, that also includes malicious emails and those hoping to infect your malware.

Although not all of us receive the same number of emails every day, the hours lost filtering through them adds up.

If one of your employees receives 30 external emails each day, they would get approximately 30 spam emails each week. That would mean 5 hours each year get wasted on sorting through and deleting these spam emails.

Now imagine another employee receiving 60 external emails a day, that would equate to an average of 11 hours wasted on spam emails.

And for someone who receives over 100 emails each day, you are looking at around 80 hours of productivity lost thanks to spam emails.

Adding these figures up for your full team and you could soon be looking at a big number.

Not only are these emails losing you and your employees valuable time but since a proportion of these emails will be phishing attempts, it is also a big risk to your data security too.

Of course, there are several things you can do to cut down on the time spent dealing with spam emails. The first step is to make use of the spam and junk email filters available from your email service.

You may also consider bringing in dedicated anti-spam and anti-phishing tools.

Finally, you can make your employees aware of the risks spam emails present, how to spot spam emails, and the best way to deal with them to save time and minimise the risk of malware or data breach.

If you would like further help with your spam emails, how to handle them appropriately and reduce the risk of malware or data breach, get in touch.

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