Understand your Microsoft Excel data with super-fast graphs


By using the ever-developing tools within Microsoft Excel you can change your complicated data into easy-to-understand graphs in minutes.

Got a lot of complicated data? Why not turn it into understandable graphs super-fast!

As Microsoft Excel develops further and further it is time to work smart using its capabilities.

From time to time many of us collect data within an excel doument that can quickly become confusing to other users. Excel has become so smart that it can now help understand your data!

In most cases, you don’t even need to select the data you are wanting to create a graph from. With your document open, on the ‘Home’ tab just hit the ‘Analyze Data’ button. Excel will then select the relevant data and make some charts that will show up in the sidebar. Now all you have to do is scroll through the options of graphs presented and select the one that looks most useful.

There you have it, your data will now appear in a new table and there is a graph to use in another document as well!

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