Weeks away from the Microsoft price hike… Let’s Freeze It

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Beat the increasing MS365 subscription fees. Freeze your fees now.

On the 1st March, Microsoft is increasing subscription fees by up to 25% on the majority of their Microsoft and Office 365 plans. What if we told you we could freeze your fees so that you pay no more, but get a boatload more in the process?

On 19th August 2021, Microsoft announced “the first substantive pricing update since [they] launched Office 365 a decade ago” (their words, not ours).

They went on to say the following specific details, including the price increase:

On March 1, 2022, we will update our list pricing for the following commercial products:
– Microsoft 365 Business Basic (from $5 to $6 per user),
– Microsoft 365 Business Premium (from $20 to $22),
– Office 365 E1 (from $8 to $10), Office 365 E3 (from $20 to $23),
– Office 365 E5 (from $35 to $38), and
– Microsoft 365 E3 (from $32 to $36).

It is also worth noting that if current MS365 users wish to retain a monthly subscription instead of switching to an annual subscription, the price increases at a higher margin.[s]

Thankfully, we’ve been hatching a plan in the background to help business owners across the UK avoid the price hike. Oh yes, we have worked out a way to freeze your licensing fees so you don’t have to pay any more after March 1st.

Included as standard in our MS365 Freeze Plan are any Business Standard or Business Premium licenses, but we can probably work something special out for E1, E5 and E3 plans, as well as the wider Microsoft license options too.

So what does the Little Big Tech MS365 Freeze consist of?

First of all, we’re not here to break up happy marriages. If you already have an IT partner, supplier, vendor or whoever in place, the following information is food for thought if nothing else.

There aren’t any catches on this freeze though, it is merely the tip of the iceberg on what we can do to help your business. Little Big Tech exists to bring Big Tech solutions to little businesses, organisations and enterprises. Essentially, we work with small and medium-sized businesses to take the stress of IT away from the management team and ensure you are left to focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

From your Microsoft Subscription to storage, backup, infrastructure, automation, and more, we’re here to help as your business develops, grows and changes.

Whether your business is big, small or somewhere in-between, we don’t think that you should pay more for the same thing. As long as we have you on our system by 1st March 2022, you’re covered.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what else we can do to help you for £35 a month, (which, FYI, is one of the lowest MSP fees in the industry for the included services) then literally, all you need to do is shout.

We’ll be here when you need us.

Having got by for a while without an IT Support Provider for my businesses, I had fallen into the trap of learning to live with a bad system, poor setup and dreadful security. What steered me towards Little Big Tech was the belief they would solve problems I did not even know I had – and they have. These guys may be comparatively small in numbers compared to the larger tech firms, but the key is the team is of the highest quality. Every communication is productive and informative. I would highly recommend their service to any SME company looking for a change in provider, or currently without one.

Laurence Emmett, review visible on Google

Terms: There aren’t many – If the managed service package is cancelled, the Microsoft price will increase to the pre-frozen price for the year. Business Standard and Business Premium are included as standard, with bespoke discussions for other MS plans. Little Big Tech offer managed services on a flat-rate support scheme of £35 per user per month on a monthly rolling basis – no long contracts, no tie-ins. This specific MS365 Freeze plan would result in the standard MSP service at £35pcm per user plus the frozen MS licensing fee. We’re always open to a conversation – are you?

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