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A start-up or micro-business that both values IT and has a reliance upon technology, but lacks the time and resources in-house to deal with maintaining, updating and protecting its IT setup - we're here to help.




As your processes are a little up in the air and open to interpretation. You need guidance to nail down the right way to do what you do, and start to make your overall workflow more efficient. You’re identifying a need to systemise.


The increase in pressure that comes with taking on more business without the team and infrastructure to meet the demand puts you really under the thumb. You need to work to maintain and better the level of service delivery to customers.


You're forced to start serving customers more quickly, without letting a dip in the quality of your product or service impact your reputation. The ability to work more quickly and efficiently, while maintaining your standards is essential.


In order to protect your fledgling reputation, while protecting the business from a variety of threats, there is a need to find affordable accessible means of achieving continuity of business - keeping the lights on no matter what.

Start with cutting-edge ways of working, which will empower effortless growth with us right by your side.

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per user, per month

Pay as you go Remote & On-Site IT Support
Essential Cyber Security & Data Privacy Protection
Cloud Data Backup & Recovery
Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance
IT Policies & Best Practices

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