Connectivity solutions

Fast, secure
and cost-effective

Even between multiple sites using our Leased Line services. Take control of your business network with a truly dedicated connection.


With Leased Lines, you can have a dedicated network that only your team can access, no more being constrained by other high usage businesses.

Super-fast upload
& download speeds

Keep in touch with customers and colleagues at all times with super-fast upload and download speeds.


This isn’t limited to one site however, our multi-site network can cater to your team no matter the size and scale of your operation.

Our connectivity solutions

Internet Leased Lines

leased lines

Having leased Internet lines is essential for businesses. A dedicated leased line provides secure, uncontended connectivity. Separating data and voice channels can also guarantee a quality of service (QoS).

Fibre Broadband for Business

Fibre broadband
for business

We can replace fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband with fiber to the premises (FTTP) or full fibre broadband. A 1Gbps download and 200Mbps upload connection is available.

Cellular Internet


Infrastructure or exchange issues do not affect wireless internet over cellular networks. As a backup or until a leased line can be installed, we deploy SIM-enabled routers.

Connectivity Solutions


A SOGEA is a single order generic ethernet access. You can use it where fibre broadband hasn’t yet reached your area. It is very cost-effective to use SOGEA connections since they do not require a phone line.

Mobile Private Networks

Mobile private networks

Businesses and organizations can connect wirelessly with mobile private networks. Our network solutions can connect even the most remote or built-up areas, such as a holiday park or caravan park.


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