Data networks & Wi-Fi

Fast, secure
and cost-effective

Even between multiple sites using our Leased Line services. Take control of your business network with a truly dedicated connection.


With Leased Lines, you can have a dedicated network that only your team can access, no more being constrained by other high usage businesses.

Super-fast upload
& download speeds

Keep in touch with customers and colleagues at all times with super-fast upload and download speeds.


This isn’t limited to one site however, our multi-site network can cater to your team no matter the size and scale of your operation.

Our network solutions

Business Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi solutions

Today’s workplace demands flexibility and security. Thanks to improvements in wireless networks or Wi-Fi, organizations can now provide borderless networking to their employees, customers, and guests. 

Data Networks and Wi-Fi

wireless links

Wireless point-to-point links are a reliable alternative to traditional leased lines. Cables provide an effective way to link two locations when dig costs and lead times are prohibitive.

Local Area Networks

area networks

Today, businesses rely heavily on fast, secure, and reliable local area networks (LANs). Our LAN solutions are tailored to your needs and requirements to streamline your work practices and reduce costs.

Cloud Hosted Telephony

area networks

Media, transmission methods, and protocols are available for multi-site wide area networks. Wide area networks (WANs) today are reliable, efficient, and secure thanks to software defined WAN technology.


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