Business telephone systems

hidden costs

Business telephone systems can save money over time. Reduces the need for separate lines.

from anywhere

VoIP systems connect you to your office extension over the internet, so you can access it from anywhere.

Manage new users

New users can be added on the same day; all you need to get them working is a device for them to connect with.


Unlike traditional analogue systems, VoIP offers practically unlimited expandability from day one.

Our telephony solutions

1 Voice & Data Service

On-premise VoIP telephone solutions

From small to medium businesses as well as multi-site large enterprises, our on-premise VoIP telephone solutions are flexible and scalable. To meet your needs, we provide on-premise solutions from top VoIP phone system manufacturers.

Cloud Hosted Telephony


Cloud phone systems are the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. A cloud-hosted telephony system now offers better connectivity and service levels, and many businesses are using it to improve flexibility and mobility.

Hybrid telephone systems

telephone systems

Hybrid phone systems combine traditional and new technologies in a single or multi-site solution. Integrated cloud apps, internet-based voice services, and on-premise phone solutions are providing businesses with the best of both worlds.

Microsoft Teams phone systems

Microsoft Teams
phone systems

Your existing telephone system can be replaced with the Microsoft 365 Phone System app, which gives you the ability to call without complex and often expensive equipment. An IP phone or headset can be used to make, receive, and transfer calls with Teams Phone System.

4 Voice & Data Service


Without video and instant messaging, where would we be? Integrated into modern unified communications, video and audio conferencing are indispensable business tools, alongside presence, chat, and file and screen sharing, so we can stay connected from anywhere.

SIP trunks


Openreach is phasing out PSTN and ISDN lines, so businesses are looking for alternative solutions. SIP trunking or session initiation protocol trunking are a cost-effective and flexible alternative to PSTN and ISDN lines.


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